Coluber: G.O.R.E. SECTOR Book 2

Since the defeat of the wasp invasion, the elite organization G.O.R.E. Sector have remained busy in its hunt for giant organisms. At the forefront of its operations is Captain Thomas Rodney and the members of Raptor Pack. Their reconnaissance leads them to Badger County, Wyoming, where a new hive of giant hornets has been discovered.

The operation to exterminate the nest is successful. Yet, mysterious events continue to plague the area. A cabin is discovered, crushed like a tin can. Stretches of flattened vegetation line the ground, as though a freight train had cruised through the forest. Worst of all, a scout team has gone missing.

Meanwhile, Hayden Spencer and his children arrive at their riverside cabin to recoup from the recent passing of his wife. There, they too discover signs that something enormous is lurking in the area.

The two groups cross paths as the threat reveals itself. A massive snake, mutated from the genus Coluber, is on a killing spree and seeks to add the Spencer family and G.O.R.E. Sector to its list of victims. Shielded by bulletproof skin and strong enough to crush an armored vehicle, the beast quickly proves to be a formidable opponent.

To defeat it, Captain Thomas Rodney must embrace the hardest aspects to being a team leader.

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