Apex Apocalypse

Monsters are real.

Great White sharks lurk off popular beaches – killer crocodiles and man-eating pythons prowl the Everglades.

But for Abigail O’Neil, raised on the swamp, the most terrifying monster was her own father – a black-market croc-farmer notorious for feeding unwary victims to his jagged-toothed pets.

Growing-up privy to unspeakable horror, when Abigail finally fled home, she thought she’d left it all behind.

But now someone is stalking her – and they know all her deepest, darkest secrets.

There are always worse monsters – bigger sharks – larger crocodiles.

And there is always one more human-monster deadlier than the last.

Now Abigail must find the monster in herself.

Or she won’t survive the Apex Apocalypse.

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