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My most recent stories have appeared in HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAY, THE DEVIL’S COATTAILS, THE BLEEDING EDGE, WHITLEY STRIEBER’S ALIENS, SINGERS OF STRANGE SONGS, RETURN TO LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, and the anthology CHILDREN OF CTHULHU (Del Rey). I scripted KLYDE & MERIEM, a spin-off of the popular Basement Comics CAVEWOMAN series. I also created and co-edited EVERMORE, a collection of stories by various authors using Edgar Allan Poe as a character which was published by Arkham House Books. My first novel, THE FLOCK, was published in August 2006 by Five Star. The movie rights subsequently sold to producers Don Murphy and John Wells. The Tor-Forge version appeared in November of 2010 with the sequel (THE CLAN) to follow. My latest novels have been published by Severed Press. These include HISSMELINA, THE LIVING END, WITHERING, THE COALITION (series), and THE NEW ECOLOGY OF DEATH. My favorite authors include Charles Bukowski, Robert Graves, Joe Lansdale, Barry Gifford, and Jack Kerouac.

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