J.B. Rockwell

About J.B. Rockwell

J.B. Rockwell is a New Englander, which is important to note because it means (a) she’s hard headed, (b) prone to stubbornness, and (c) snarky and sarcastic. She grew up reading fairy tales, folklore, mythology–basically anything and everything about ancient cultures and their history she could get her hands on. Dreams of being the next Indiana Jones frankly didn’t work out, but she somehow landed a job in IT working for the Coast Guard, and that’s really not so bad. She writes in her spare time and dreams of the day she can quit and write exclusively. Other spare time activities include people watching, cat collecting (there are three now, which puts her that much closer to leveling up to Crazy Cat Lady), petting other people’s dogs, and yelling at stupid things for being stupid. Born and raised in Connecticut, J.B. Rockwell currently lives in West Virginia with her husband and three cats, all of whom provide inspiration for her stories, whether they want to or not.

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