J.D. McKenna

About J.D. McKenna

J.D. McKenna is a Saint Paul native, living in the area still. His debut series, “Winterhaven”, has met with popular success, and he continues to write the story in whatever spare time he is able to scrounge together. J.D. lives with his beautiful girlfriend and a friendly Norwegian Tree Cat, bearing the moniker of Karma. He works full-time in the Non-Profit Sector, helping low income families in the Twin Cities area achieve stability. His ultimate dream is to be able to shift his career into that of a full-time Author, and have financial stability through that endeavor. With a passionate heart for service however, J.D. would love to still have time to spend in volunteer service, even once he is no longer working in that field. With three completed books to his name, J.D. McKenna is excited to be pushing forward in the “End Verse” he has created; he’s announced a new companion series, “The Shadowguard Series”, and expects the first novel in that series to be available sometime in the Spring of 2015.

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