Kirk Withrow

About Kirk Withrow

Kirk Withrow is the author of Four (Severed Press, 2014), a psychological/military/medical/horror thriller, as well as Threnody (Severed Press 2015) – the first book in the Redivivus Trilogy, a post-apocalyptic survival horror series. Kirk capitalizes on his extensive background in science and medicine to add a decidedly realistic slant to his work. In addition to writing (which is largely done between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 a.m.), he enjoys music, luthiery, painting, and jiu-jitsu. Kirk Withrow is a head and neck surgeon by day, residing in Alabama with his wife and three children. While he would like to think that he is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive the apocalypse, he is a realist and accepts that, statistically, his chances are bleak.

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