Robert J. Stava

About Robert J. Stava

Robert Stava is a Horror writer in the Hudson River Valley, apparently living not far from the sleepy river village where so many of his tales have been set. His fourth novel, “Nightmare at World’s End” was published in November 2016 by Severed Press. His short stories have been featured in anthologies from Dark Chapter Press, Nielsen Press, and Grinning Skull Press. He’s also appeared in Siren’s Call, Sanitarium Magazine, and his first Y/A novella, “The Devil’s Engine”, was published by Muzzleland Press in 2015. He has several new stories slated for release in 2017, including a new novel “The Lost World of Kharamu” through Severed Press. When not poking around old ruins or digging up old history in the Hudson Valley, he can be found chopping firewood, practicing his kata’s in the backyard or being dragged down the street at high rates of speed by his husky. His wife, Tomiko, is a professional ballet dancer and teacher in Manhattan.

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