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About Sean Hoade

Sean scribbles his mad tomes in the wilds of Las Vegas, Nevada, which provides plenty of apocalyptic inspiration. He taught at the University of Alabama for almost 10 years, including groundbreaking for-credit classes on zombies, superheroes, and the Apocalypse, all of which attracted international attention. His seven-part lecture series on zombies in film, literature, and culture receives 90,000 downloads each year from iTunes U.

All of that said, Sean’s heart is with Lovecraft and writing among the New Lovecraftians. Novels, short stories, screenplays—he loves to create within the subgenre, and he is a complete glutton when it comes to taking in the works of others. He often brags about having hung out with S.T. Joshi and Wilum Pugmire.

Much like Claude Rains, Sean finds that no one seems to notice him when he’s naked. He has a crush on women with bob-cuts who smoke cigars and curse like Lithuanian sailors. He lectures on fiction, contributes to panels, and gives readings at Conventions all over the country, and serves as Assistant Acquisitions Poobah for the online magazine

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