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WRATH JAMES WHITE is a former World Class Heavyweight Kickboxer, a professional Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts trainer, distance runner, performance artist, and former street brawler, who is now known for creating some of the most disturbing works of fiction in print.
Wrath is the author of 400 DAYS OF OPPRESSION, THE RESURRECTIONIST, SUCCULENT PREY, YACCUB’S CURSE, SACRIFICE, PURE HATE, and PREY DRIVE (Succulent Prey Part II). He is also the author of VORACIOUS, TO THE DEATH, SKINZZ, THE REAPER, LIKE PORNO FOR PSYCHOS, EVERYONE DIES FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN, THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND SINS, HIS PAIN and POPULATION ZERO. He is the co-author of SOMETHING TERRIBLE co-written with Sultan Z. White, TERATOLOGIST co-written with the king of extreme horror, Edward Lee, ORGY OF SOULS co-written with Maurice Broaddus,The KILLINGS and HERO co-written with J.F. Gonzalez, and POISONING EROS I and II co-written with Monica J. O’Rourke.
Wrath was born in 1970 and grew up on the hard streets of Philadelphia where a strong and supportive family allowed him to avoid the pitfalls of drugs and crime that led to the downfall of many of his peers. His mother always encouraged him to follow his dreams and, although he always wanted to be a writer, over the years he tried his hand at modeling, acting, professional fighting, and even stand-up comedy. He worked as a bouncer, a club promoter, a bodyguard, a personal trainer, and a construction worker before finding, in his words, “a small modicum of success as a published author.”
Now, Wrath brings the same discipline and dedication he once devoted to training for fights to the craft of writing. “I write about 850 words a day. That’s about one uninterrupted hour of writing or two hours of writing with the typical everyday distractions. At that pace, I can finish a novella in one month and a novel in four, without taking too much time away from my family, and while still leaving time for the gym and sleep.” His reader’s count on this prolific writing output, which has seen him produce one novel and two or three novellas a year for the past several years.
Wrath lives and works in Austin, Texas with his two daughters, Isis and Nala, his son Sultan and his lovely fiance Tammy.

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