Crics: A Cryptid Thriller

A hub of scientific innovation burns, and its ashes ride an easterly wind. What was for a brief time is no more, but the ecology of Long Island is forever altered…

Terror crawls from the shadows and Scott Ward emerges from his mundane existence into a waking nightmare.

Mutant camelback crickets with razor-sharp teeth prowl the streets, turning the village of Stones Throw into a battleground where survival becomes the only instinct and due process is a bullet. As the infestation grows and the town’s charming facade deteriorates, fear tightens its grip and Ward is forced to grapple with the primal choice of flight or fight. Scuttling horrors hide in every shadow, and each move plunges him deeper into the harrowing abyss of his once-familiar world.

Can Ward and his companions escape the monstrous onslaught, or will Stones Throw and its citizens succumb to an unspeakable fate?

From the author of TRAGIC: A Cryptid Horror Thriller, The Cryptid Club, and Crimson Falls comes Crics, a fast-paced cryptid-thriller filled with deadly creatures so real you’ll feel the mutants crawling on your skin.

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