Cryptozoologist Professor Nora Howard and cryptid hunter Jack Tremens are on the verge of giving up hope of ever finding Lennie—Nora’s pet twelve-foot tall Yeren—after his abduction when by chance, they discover he’s been taken halfway around the world. Gabe Wells and Caroline Rollins travel to Hangshong Providence with a college friend to visit a new and exciting theme park with death defying rides, a thrilling water park, and some of China’s most legendary and unimaginable creatures cloned straight off the pages of the ancestral story books. FBI Special Agents Anna Rivers and Mack Hunter go overseas in search of a missing congressman’s son and hopefully track down the elusive billionaire Carter Wilde and bio-geneticist Dr. Joel McCabe who are both wanted by the authorities. Soon everyone’s paths will converge as terrors abound in CRYPTID KINGDOM.

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