Civilization is descending into chaos: A deadly plague engineered by terrorists, international wars, and mankind’s innate depravity are about to take the world to the brink. 
Those are the last things Matt Anderssen, a scientist stationed at a Top Secret missile test site on a remote Pacific island, knew before all contact with the outside world suddenly stopped. Stranded on the idyllic tropical island that was his home and cut off from his wife and children by five thousand miles of ocean, Matt elicits the help of two loyal friends. Together, they defy the law and set out across the Pacific Ocean to reunite with their loved ones—if they’re still alive, if anyone is still alive. 
High seas, pirates, storms, and terrible luck will test them physically, and hopelessness, anger, and self-doubt will test them emotionally. But against all odds and with the help of a woman they rescue along the way, they will make it to the mainland—and what they find there will be their ultimate test. 
*Second Edition

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