Beneath a dome in remote China lies a rift to another dimension. To a deep, dark dungeon filled with monsters and magic. Its levels can be explored by scientists, treasure hunters and adventurers – by anyone willing to pay DragonCorp a million dollars a pop. The question is, how deep dare they go and hope to survive? Trix Hunter knows – as a dungeon keeper she’s spent years mopping up the blood. But after Trix discovers the dungeon is inexplicably expanding, she finds herself forced to travel deeper than anyone has ever been. Hunter becomes hunted by a DragonCorp corrupted by an ancient evil, one intent on escaping a prison built for it long ago. To stop the so-called Godleech, Trix must band together with a drunk, an old man, and a brother thought lost to the depths. Only they and a besieged other dimensional army have any hope of stopping two worlds merging and transforming both into a living hell.


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