What monster could kill an entire ship’s crew without spilling an ounce of blood? What monster could sink a solid steel freighter? What monster could devour twenty-five men and disappear without a trace? Professor Nicholas Voigt is about to find out. Conscripted to locate the SS Ourang Medan, a shipwreck of myth and legend, Nicholas is ferried to the Strait of Malacca. There, he meets his shipmates and his eccentric employer–millionaire Bryan Dunston. He thinks the expedition will lead to personal and professional success. He’s wrong. Within days, Nicholas discovers his employer’s true intentions. He discovers that Bryan Dunston is a man driven by desire. By lust. By evil. The millionaire believes that a weapon of unfathomable power is hidden in the Ourang Medan’s bowels…and he will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Rife with murder, mystery, action, and the occult, From Below is a no-holds-barred thriller that is sure to leave you breathless! “Reads like a young Stephen King.” -Iain McKinnon, author of Domain of the Dead, on Mute

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