In the near future the United States Army is using infantry drones to smoke out terrorists hiding in the extensive cave systems of Afghanistan. They don’t tire, and they never stop…they just walk and feed. They achieve maximum penetration, and they save American lives. However, the fledgling technology, while effective, is far from safe. It’s combat on the razor’s edge, and fighting side-by-side with ravenous corpses takes its toll as the drones take a piece of the soldiers. Go ballistic with Sgt. Peter Birdsall and Pvt. Carl Birdsall of the Insidious Drone Program as high-tech warriors hunting enemies of freedom and democracy! “I loved it.” Pulitzer Prize nominee and Emmy winner John Ford Noonan Winner of a Reader’s Favorite International Book Award. “Edward P. Cardillo offers readers a great read filled with action, thrills, danger, fear, horror and a touch of romance.The pace is fast and the action tight…I am not easily frightened but Cardillo left me checking in the closets and under the bed.” 5/5 Stars, Anne B. for Readers’ Favorite

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