In the expanse of the ocean, a drug cartel faces off against the Coast Guard—and a hungry megalodon lurking beneath the waves. Then, at a truck-stop diner, tensions run high as a swarm of angry murder hornets attack, trapping the customers inside! Finally, deep in the forest, a group of hikers are fighting for their lives—pursued by a bloodthirsty theropod long thought to be extinct.
Jurassic Carnage and Other Monster Tales is the debut collection by American science-fiction writer Julian Michael Carver. The stories contained in this collection were previously published as individual releases called Creature Features. This collection also features an unreleased tale—Jurassic Carnage.
Julian Michael Carver is a Scribe Award nominated author and a proud member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. He is known for his tales regarding dinosaurs and prehistoric monsters.

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