A viral outbreak has decimated humanity. The virus is triggered by emotions. Some call the virus the Love Bug. All fear infection. Citizens of a new unfeeling world are fitted with Em-Paks, technology designed to eliminate the danger of emotions. Removal of an Em-Pak is an irreversible act of Emotional Treason and punishable by death. Not all are willing to sacrifice feeling and terrorists groups known as Emos risk infection and death to cling to their emotions. The infected, known as Reds, run feral outside of city walls. Cora Eldritch has lived a privileged, yet emotionless life. Following an accident Cora’s Em-Pack is damaged and she is now guilty of Emotional Treason. A young Emo named Remmy rescues Cora from the Reds and she is thrust into a world where nothing is what it seems and emotions are deadly. Cora must ultimately find a way to not only save Remmy, but herself.

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