Three days ago, Carla Scarletta chased a jewel thief into his New York City apartment. When she kicked down the door, the last thing she expected to find was a portal into a lost world.

Today, Phil Moody gets a visit from an old friend. He claims Phil’s ex-wife has gone missing, that she’s currently alive but in grave danger… sixty-five million years in the past. Now, Phil, along with a team of mercenaries and one celebrity paleontologist, must step into the portal, travel into a dinosaur-infested world and cross dangerous terrain to find the woman he maybe still loves. But that’s not all they’re after. The jewel thief has stolen something else, something that could alter their concept of reality and catastrophically damage the universe.

But time is running out. If they don’t hurry, the portal will close, trapping them in this primal world… forever.


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