The South Carolina Lizard Man had always been considered a local legend, a way to draw tourists to rural Lee County. Until a local man shoots and kills the beast. Jack Rastun, Karen Thatcher, and their team from the Foundation for Undocumented Biological Investigation are called in to collect the Lizard Man’s corpse. When they arrive, they find the man who shot it torn apart, and the creature’s body gone. This is only the beginning. More lizard men emerge from the swamps, stalking and killing townspeople. Rastun, Thatcher, and the FUBI wage a desperate battle to try and end the bloody attacks. But deadly reptilians are not the only threat. A former Marine is convinced the lizard men are part of a vast global conspiracy, and has a plan to deal with them, one that could mean disaster for the entire county. With thousands of lives at risk, Rastun and Thatcher are faced with a difficult question. Who is more dangerous? Monster or man?

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