Destiny. Fate. A Path. Call it what you want, Dr. Gwen Vierra is living hers, or so she thinks. Feeling perfectly at home as a doctor for tribes in the Amazon, she loves her job. In an instant her life changes. Neal Russo, an adventurous wildlife photographer chasing that million dollar shot, lives a life most people dream of. His life is always what he wanted, until the night he takes the wrong phone call. An earthquake in the jungle uncovers a long kept ancient secret, one so deadly that humanity itself is now at risk. The Vector, a venomous creature whose name evokes sheer terror in the hearts of mankind, climbs out of a fissure in the earth. The threat it carries is more powerful than any weapon known to man. Teaming up, Russo and Gwen must race to stop a deadly virus from consuming the world. As time slips through their fingers, will Russo and Gwen be able to contain the world-ending plague before it spreads beyond their reach? 

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