As if the cold wasn’t enough…

Fleeing an approaching blizzard, a military train carrying prisoners and a handful of citizens derails in the mountains. The survivors fight to stay alive and regroup as the terrible storm buries them in snow. Only then do they discover the train also carried another cargo—two cars loaded with biological experiments—genetically-altered sasquatches conditioned to annihilate anything they find.

Can the few remaining soldiers team with a pair of sisters and a police constable to fight the relentless beasts, icy temperatures, and escaped prisoners long enough for help to arrive?

“… a fresh take on a classic legend, full of suspense and action. This one had me on the edge of my seat and loving the characters.” — Michael D. Nadeau, author of The Darkness Returns (A Lythinall novel) Book 1

“Cryptid lovers rejoice, for you have found the author who will lead you to an action-packed adventure that you will ignore family to read.” — Jonathan Lazar, Author of Zachariah Lars and the High Elf Mystery

“For those of us who grew up on Saturday morning creature features and painstakingly tuned-in to horror hosts using our dented and bent rabbit-ear antennas, Matt Betts delivers all the goods and more. WHITE ANVIL is packed with the excitement and atmosphere, but it also has what so many stories lack: Believable characters behaving rationally as they do their best to survive in the face of unexpected terror. — Dan Stout author of Titanshade

“…an action-packed adventure that you don’t want to miss.” — Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland

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