For the troopers of AZH-01, life is an exercise in routines.Wake up, respond to alarms, stand in formation—slack off in between. Get your gear, don’t break scram-time, and stay out of Sergeant’s crosshairs. Securing the edges of populated space isn’t the glory and excitement they were promised, but these aren’t the Inter-Stellar Coalition Force’s best and brightest. Rania doesn’t mind routines. Routines give her something to hold on to, they guide her as she finds her niche in the sweaty locker room of military life. Just like the other troopers, all she wants is to do her job, stay out of trouble, and get one day closer to getting out. That routine is shattered when something claws its way through the station’s doors. Something swift. Vicious. Hungry. With the chain of command shredded and the power knocked out, it’s a race against time for Rania and the other troopers of AZH-01. They were just trying to get through the day, now they’re fighting to survive the night.

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