It has killed over a thousand lifeforms on a thousand planets. There is no motive for its crimes other than for the thrill of bloodshed. As cunning as it is ruthless, it has escaped captivity from the galactic marshals of its home world. An intergalactic Convict, it feels no sympathy, remorse, or any sense of moral code. All it knows is the pleasure from the pain and suffering it causes, and the drive to inflict more of it. Now, it has found new hunting ground on a lush green and blue planet: Earth. There, the Convict finds a whole new species to satisfy its bloodlust. After landing its ship in a wooded area, the Convict enjoys hacking up campers, hikers, and anyone else unlucky enough to wander nearby. Its recreational killing spree brings the Convict to a pair of cabins near the lake. One is packed full of young adults trying to get away from everyday life. The other is occupied by disgraced police officer Diego Tritton. Fired for use of excessive force, he has a severe distaste for criminals—no matter which galaxy they’re from.

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