Deputy Thomas Rodney is no stranger to tense situations. Having served multiple tours in the worst of environments, facing death had practically become just another day at the office. But nothing could have prepared him for this. In a woodland county in the Pacific Northwest, a sinister presence has awakened. A roadwork crew has disappeared without a trace; a truck is found run off the road; a lakefront property is mysteriously vacant, its roof damaged as though something large descended from high above; and an eerie quiet has overtaken the countryside. In the curving hills, the quiet gives way to the droning of wings. Wasps—mutated, huge, and carnivorous—have invaded the area. But they are not the only visitors. Their attack on Thomas is thwarted by the arrival of a mysterious paramilitary unit armed with advanced weaponry and technology. The patch on their uniforms reading G.O.R.E. SECTOR (Giant Organism Reconnaissance and Extermination), they have one objective: to protect the public from giant monsters, which have been steadily appearing all over the globe. As the day rages on, Thomas Rodney puts his investigative and military skills to work, assisting G.O.R.E. Sector with destroying the hive before the insect population spreads to the entire west coast.

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