Terror In Big Bend 

Jorge Mondragon, a retired Army vet, just wanted to escape. Taking a job at Big Bend Texas State Park seemed like the perfect way to distance himself from people and find peace. But tranquility is the last thing he finds.

Things at the park are getting…weird. Strange sightings and reports have left eyewitnesses terrified that something is out there. Something dangerous. As the reports keep flowing in, people say they saw a massive cougar-like creature that possesses indescribable speed and strength. Jorge refuses to let anyone else be killed.

Teaming up with a band of mercenaries, Jorge embarks on a deadly mission to hunt down the beast known as the Gorgon Synapsid. As the hunt intensifies, Jorge and his new comrades discover a chilling truth: the creature didn’t end up in Big Bend by accident.

In a battle for survival, Jorge must navigate the treacherous terrain, confront his own demons, and rely on newfound friendships to prevent catastrophe. The clock is ticking, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Can Jorge and his team eliminate the threat before it’s too late, or will they fall prey to the horrors lurking in Big Bend State Park?

Prepare for a heart-pounding journey where courage, loyalty, and the will to survive are put to the ultimate test.

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