The tranquil forests of Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park hide a dangerous secret. For centuries, fire-breathing dragons have slumbered in the bowels of the volcano Kilauea. But acts of inexplicable arson and horrific murders around the island appear to have only one explanation. Those dragons have awakened. But there is a much deeper, and broader plot afoot. Romy Saturo Kang has a longstanding grudge against the park system. Teamed up with other unsavory locals, his plan includes not only freeing the dragons, but letting loose an eruption of Kilauea that will drive all but his chosen few from the island forever. Kathy West and Nathan Toland appear to be regular National Park Service Rangers, but they have a secret assignment, to find and contain this kind of supernatural threat. The rangers know the only solution is to seal the dragons back inside their fiery lair…whatever the cost. Kathy and Nathan have faced monsters like this before, but this time they may have met their match. If they can convince a descendant of Hawaiian royalty and his followers to join their cause, they might stand a chance. But the odds will be long, because no one in living memory has survived an encounter with The Dragons Of Kilauea.

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