Z: The Lost City

Jonas Drammond used to be one of the best guides in the world. That changed, however, when he lost an expedition he was leading into the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Five years on, he’s a shadow of his former self, drowning his sorrows in a bottle.

Then a researcher from Brazil reaches out to him with a job only he can do. She thinks she has found the location of the long-lost city of Z deep within the Amazon, and Jonas unwittingly stumbled upon its entrance during his last expedition.

Now Jonas has a chance at redemption, as well as answers to what really happened to his lost team.

Not only is the path there treacherous with a Jungle full of giant anacondas and lethal arachnids, they’re also not the only ones searching for it. A ruthless billionaire is also on the hunt, and if he finds it first, then the Lost City of Z may become lost forever.

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