The Lost Valley of Vincabamba

Meet Chuck Tanner; soldier, explorer, adventurer, and famed treasure hunter. He has diced with death countless times and uncovered ancient artefacts and lost treasures the world.

Chuck has seen it all… or so he thinks.

Chuck’s interest is piqued when he is offered a place on an expedition to South America to find a mythical relic beyond even his wildest imagination; the mystical Stone of Qualbec, hidden in the Lost Valley of Vincabamba.

Vincabamba: an isolated, prehistoric land hidden amidst sweltering jungles and soaring mountains. Such a place should be no sweat for a seasoned professional like Chuck… Right? Right?

Chuck’s skills are pushed to their limits as he and his team face treacherous traps, savage ape-men, rival mercenaries, and dinosaurs… lots and lots of blood-thirsty, ravenous dinosaurs.

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