Z-Level 10

Z-Level 10

The rise of the dead has brought the world to its knees. 

Z-Level 1 – Undead Population minimal. Infection Risk minimal. Area considered suitable for inhabitance. 
Z-Level 2 – Low Undead Population. Infection Risk low. Inhabitants are warned to monitor surroundings. 
Z-Level 3 – Undead Population increased. Threat Level low but has potential risk of elevating. Approximately 10 undead per every 100 inhabitants. Citizens encouraged to remain indoors. Pack precautionary items in case of evacuation. 
Z-Level 4 – Undead Population at 20 percent. Martial Law declared. Citizens remain indoors pending further details. 
Z-Level 5 – Undead Population deemed too uncontrollable. Infection Risk High. Area residents ordered to sanctuary areas to await military pickup for evacuation. 
Z-Level 6-7 – Escalated Undead Population. Considered highly contaminated and highly dangerous. Military intervention deemed improbable. 
Z-Level 8-9 – Undead Population Overwhelming. Rescue operation considered impossible. Any residents left behind forced to fend for themselves.

Exhausted from an endless series of rescue operations, U.S.M.C. Corporal Reimer is recruited into a special task force. The mission is crucial: Rescue a government researcher who has developed a cure for the infection. To save humanity, the team must go deep into the forests of Montana, where the infection has escalated to Z-Level 10!

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