Before the megalodon, before the kraken, there was the incident on Maxwell Island. Powerful individuals covered it up as an attack by local terrorists. The truth lies below the water—a truth which will spark electrifying terror in the heart of humanity. On the night of June 30th, a thunderous explosion awakens the inhabitants of Maxwell Island. The remains of the party yacht Dream Wrecker illuminate the shores with towering flames. It is the first of many oddities plaguing the police force led by the inexperienced Chief Silvia Remar. Ostracized by her own staff, she tries to toe the line between finding out the truth and pleasing the island government and business sector. However, doing so becomes increasingly difficult when more strange events plague the island. A jetboat crashes ashore, its skier mysteriously missing; water temperatures around the island rise and fall with seemingly no explanation; a normally docile sperm whale goes berserk, sinking a fishing vessel in the process; and people at night report seeing a lightning storm under the water. Following strange reports of deep sea creatures rising to the surface, Silvia begins to suspect these occurrences may be related to a series of violent earthquakes in the Puerto Rico Trench following the Gota ja’ Titan meteor impact.
By the time she learns the truth, it is already too late…

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