It was supposed to be assignment: a rescue mission to a research facility on a remote South American island. The science team has gone radio silent. Now it is up to Ronald Baker and his band of mercenaries to find the staff and figure out what went wrong. Things quickly go awry when the rescue team sets foot on the island. They discover decimated boats, the dock in shambles, and nobody in sight. Yet, they are not alone. Crabs, hungry for flesh, rise from the water. With their transport destroyed and numbers dwindling, the team is forced to travel inland and take refuge in the very facility that failed to protect the dead researchers. With limited ammo and time, the team must complete a new objective: survive. Baker’s skills are put to the ultimate test as he works tirelessly to find a way defeat the menace who seeks to feast on his group. It is a struggle of man against crustacean. Intellect against savage instinct. Rifles against Pincers.

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