The 80-foot Megalodon that caused so much terror is dead, but the bloodbath has only just begun. The Omega Fury has been sunk. Giant predators, awakened by the Gota ja’ Titan meteor, have taken over the mid-tlantic. Tensions increase as a titanic 120-foot megalodon is discovered near the Florida coast. With megalodon attacks on the rise, the military is forced to establish a base of operations on the island of Cielo Nublado. Police Chief Nico Medrano leads the evacuation effort while his ex-wife Denise Reta assists the military in tracking down the megalodons and the hyper- violent Kraken. Facing pressure from government figures, the military arranges an operation to lure the creatures away. In the process, they trigger the wrath of the Kraken. Intelligent, vehement, and incredibly powerful, it seeks to claim the territory for itself, and kill anything and anyone that dares to challenge it. With the body count rising, Denise and Nico have no choice but to conduct a strategy of their own: lure the 120-foot megalodon to the Kraken and allow nature to take its course. One outcome is certain—there will be bloodshed.

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