Hell has come to Vivid Valley Lake. Once tranquil, it has become overrun with tourists and outdoorsmen intent on abusing the waterways and depleting natural resources. Now, murders and mutilations are occurring at an alarming rate, atrocities so vile they defy any rational explanation. Residents are counting on Charlie Nickles, the DNR Officer known as ‘The Man Who Never Sleeps.’ Nickles learns an ancient curse has been unleashed in the valley and he’s forced to turn to a bitter rival for help. Together they hunt something never seen by scientists or anglers in any body of water—something vicious—something ravenous—something undead. Welcome to Dead Lake “Classic, pulp horror with teeth. Flooded towns, lost cemeteries, a murky lake, and floating torsos in the water – what more could you want! Murphy Edwards delivers up an unsavoury portion of fishy terror guaranteed to have you considering the desert as your next holiday destination.” Sean T. Page, Ministry of Zombies, Author of War Against the Walking Dead, Metahorde and The Official Zombie Handbook UK

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