Kingfish had died hard, clenched between the razor sharp jaws of a giant, mutant alligator snapping turtle. It was a horribly painful way to die and Retired DNR Officer Charlie Nickles stood witness to the entire attack, helpless to do anything to save him. He missed Kingfish and spent every day regretting what had happened. Yet, some small part of Charlie, that part deep inside his ex-lawman’s gut, told him he hadn’t seen the last of his game poaching friend. Meet the new Kingfish. Vivid Valley has become undead. So has Kingfish. He’s been in the very bowels of Vivid Valley Lake and he knows what’s at stake. Resurrected from the deep, murky waters, Kingfish returns a half man, half aquatic mutant and he’s back to convince Charlie to help him finish what they started and end the Dead Lake curse once and for all. But, the curse is spreading, infecting the wildlife, the cemeteries and the nearby townspeople. It’s no longer a battle; it’s a war for their lives and their souls against hordes of the undead. Kingfish and Charlie will put it all on the line as Dead Lake morphs into its ultimate mutation. Prepare for the undead assaul

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