The brightest light casts the darkest shadow. Shadows can obscure the worst of horrors. No shadow is darker than those cast by time. No horror is worse than vengeance. Retired Marine Sergeant Rick Eilerman thought his past was behind him. But that allusion breaks when armed men capture him and his girlfriend in the dead of night. After awakening on a boat, he is reunited with the same fireteam he commanded in the military. Very quickly, it becomes clear that someone chose them for a reason. The team is brought to an island somewhere off the South American Pacific Coast. They are given supplies, weapons, and the promise of freedom, should they manage to kill the other occupant lurking on the island. Soon, Rick Eilerman and his team realize that this target is not simply a man. It blends in with its environment. Its teeth can rip the flesh from the bone. Its claws can impale a man’s skull. It can dominate both the sea and the land. It is a damnation. A freak of nature. A hybrid. In the fight for survival, Rick Eilerman must uncover the horrible secrets to this island, and its linkage to his past.

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