Two generations ago, the planet Earth was attacked by allied alien forces. Over 75 percent of humanity was killed during the invasion and attempted occupation. The carnage ended only when Earth-based military units devastated the home planets of the invaders using untested technology from the most advanced research labs on the planet. The attacking aliens fled. They were chased down and eliminated by platoons of Space Navy SEALs, the most effective fighting force ever created. Each member of a Space Navy platoon has received Enhancements to sight, hearing, healing, memory, and more. But no platoon had what the crew of the Blue Celeste had: War Thug. This one-man killing machine kept his troops safe while leaving not one alien alive—whether sentient or “bug”—on any planet they were assigned to in the War Council’s permanent War Against Alien Aggression. The platoon’s latest assignment is to rescue three scientists under attack from a planet full of vicious Xenos. When they touch down, however, the 12-SEAL unit finds that nothing is what it seems. As soldier after soldier vanishes, War Thug and his team must try to find them as well as extract the scientists while the Xenos close in. War Thug is an action-packed trip into a world of alien terror, bloody battles, and a deadly conspiracy spanning the entire galaxy.

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