A galactic civil war between the United Galactic Systems and the totalitarian Tarkadon Union has ravaged the galaxy. Deep in space, lightyears behind enemy lines, a U.G.S. special forces unit infiltrates the Tarkadon planets on the outer rim where civilian prisoners are being transported. After securing an enemy database, the squad leader, Captain Trent Livingston, discovers that the prisoners have been shipped to a mysterious lab on the dark planet of Glorric. With no other leads on the missing civilians, the team travels to the Tarkadon stronghold, ready to fight a bloody battle against a small army of enemy soldiers. Instead, they find abandoned outposts, strange bio-readings, and heavily decayed bodies. Upon securing the Tarkadon lab, they discover the results of genetic research gone awry. The Tarkadon experiments in biological warfare have backfired, and now the planet is swarming with the reanimated corpses of various species from across the galaxy. With enemy reinforcements closing in on the planet, the team races against time to destroy the lab and the outpost before the disease can spread across the galaxy. To do this, they must battle through wave after wave of the undead, advanced mutations, and ultimately an internal threat from within their squad.

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