Prior to the kaiju leaving the microcontinent on which they were spawned, several countries laid claim to the newly discovered landmass. In an effort to gain control of the island, two superpowers sent their newest weapons of war in the form of giant mechs into the area. These prototype mechs were piloted by humans and were able to greatly enhance the soldiers’ capabilities on the battlefield. When the two forces came into conflict, their battle awakened the True Kaiju whom the world would come to know as Atomic Rex! The nuclear nightmare laid waste to all but two of these early mech models, before beginning his domination of the western hemisphere. Twenty years later, these two survivors still roam the Earth, in mech suits that are not as advanced as the newer models the True Kaiju destroyed. One of these men is the pilot of Atlus: Codenman; Bravura. He seeks both purpose and direction to his life as he survives in a world dominated by monsters. The other warrior intends to use his mech to slay the two beings on the planet who have managed to best him in combat: Atomic Rex and Bravura’s pilot. As these two men are moving toward each other, Chris Myers is teaching his daughter Emily how to operate Steel Samurai 2.0. Chris knows that the burden of leadership is shifting from him and his wife to their daughter, and he is actively training her for that role. Bravura, Steel Samurai 2.0, the vengeance-seeking mech pilot, Atomic Rex, and a mixed band of marauders and mutants will all meet up in an explosive confrontation near a human settlement in Mexico, as the Ballad of Bravura begins.

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