From before the dawn of time we have feared them – something long faded into myth and legend – creatures so terrifying our race memory retains the dread they brought with them in the darkness of the night. Kimberly Eastman. A woman so traumatized by a horrific past she has become a recluse.
Mark Walker. A man terrified by his own supernatural present. Two strangers that must combine their talents to solve a mystery that spans centuries. Their international pursuit of an unimaginable truth will lead them on a dangerous quest – from Los Angeles – to the stormy windswept wilds of northern Britain – then deep into the dark underbelly of Berlin – while relentlessly pursued by an ancient nightmare that cannot possibly exist. As the gruesome body count mounts and old friends are reunited, Eastman and Walker discover that no one is who they appear to be – and the price for the forbidden knowledge they seek could mean their very lives. Or perhaps ultimately something far, far worse.

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