Semi-retired cryptid hunter Miguel Walla, his wife, Maria and their 9-year-old daughter, Sophia travel to New Mexico to visit Sophia’s grandmother, Camilla, a recluse who lives out in the desert. Raised in the traditions of her ancestral past in “The Land of Enchantment,” Camilla is a shaman and true believer that legendary creatures thought to roam the remote southwestern region do exist—especially as she has one of her own. Meantime, Sheriff Ben Lobo and his deputy Roxy Nez investigate a rash of brutal killings that appear to be the work of a deadly apex predator. As Sophia learns of her great-great grandmother’s struggles surviving in the fiendish badlands through a story told by Camilla, the sheriff and his deputy will close in on the dangerous monster lurking in the foreboding territory of CRYPTID FRONTIER.

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