In the wake of Gurral’s brawl with Atomic Rex, the nymph Allison has taken control of Arena World. With the Arena Lords under her control, she plans to use their resources to build an army of kaiju to crush humanity and their protector the hybrid kaiju Chimera. She will reign supreme over all existences, and nothing in the multiverse will be able to stop her! Little does she know that there are forces amassing against her. She may have the Gurral under her thumb for the moment, but the strings Allison has tied to him are wearing thin. She reigns supreme over all Arena Lords, but there are subtle swirls of subterfuge spun into their subservience. With stellar monstrosities at their door, and the remnants of an angry pantheon waiting for an opportunity to destroy them utterly, humanity and Chimera are backed into a corner. If they fall, then all earths will topple, but Chimera’s love for Luke Davis and the rest of his adoptive family will drive the massive multibeast to hold strong and crush whatever foes are placed in his path, even if he must battle the Arena Champion himself. Aliens, gods, monsters, and giants battle each other as Gurral and Chimera clash with the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance!

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