Everyone knows by now about the day a little girl fell into the enclosure of Killroy the gorilla. They know about the internet outrage, the memes, and the videos of world-famous primatologist Trudy Hollis shooting Killroy to save her. What they don’t know is that the incident turned Trudy Hollis into a broken woman slowly drowning herself with alcohol. She’s more than happy to fade into obscurity until the faithful day that billionaire Marvin Irving comes to her with proof that something amazing is going on in the jungles of Africa. There is evidence that the mountain gorillas Hollis has spent her life studying have somehow developed the ability to make their own tools, and may even have a primitive form of religion. But the most unbelievable part of all is that the giant gorilla-like creature they seem to be worshipping might just be real. This is Trudy’s chance to redeem herself. If she can return to the adventuring ways of her youth, she might be able to prove that this giant gorilla is real. Unless, of course, this God among gorillas finds her expedition first and rips every single one of them apart.

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