Private Marco Cruz has screwed up again. On the verge of being discharged, his commanding officer offers him one last chance: take a post at a top secret research station and join the squad known as the Zeta Team. Zeta Team, however, is the last place in the universe that anyone in the Interplanetary Army wants to be. Consisting all the losers, screw-ups, and has-beens that the IPA wants to sweep under the rug, Marco is expected to do little more than sit around guarding ancient alien ruins that the IPA has long ago stopped trying to decipher. Marco has a gift, though, a gift for seeing details that no one else can. With this gift, he is about to unleash an alien horde that has long been forgotten by the galaxy. And the only people in any position to stop the invasion are Marco and his team of losers. The galaxy might just be doomed.

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