The end of the world is nigh as two scientists with very different epistemologies have made the discoveries of a generation.

Rasheeda Flehr is a religious zealot who has believes she has found the means to unleash the Apocalypse. She feels that this discovery is a command from God to free the Horsemen and bring about the events prophesized in the book of Revelations.

The other scientist is Sarah Johnson a paleobotanist who has discovered a colony of ancient predatory microbes frozen beneath a glacier in Greenland. She learns that when these microbes are brought into contact with plant life they can control it and force it to take whatever form is needed to hunt down its prey.

As Rasheeda lets her discovery loose upon the world Sarah is faced with an impossible choice. Does she use the monster she has found to try and stop the apocalypse, or in doing so would she put the world in greater danger than it is already in?

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