Cawley “Caw” McMackin lost his father when he was just a boy. More specifically, he saw his dad get torn apart by a massive monster that was slumbering beneath the surface of a North Carolina lake. Now he’s a grown man who has dedicated himself to guarding the very same lake, ensuring that no one else awakens the creature. That is until the arrival of Vaha Verma, a hotshot tech CEO who claims to want to buy the lake and turn it into a vacation spot. Desperate to get out, and assured her team of mercenaries can handle anything beneath the surface, Caw agrees to let Verma’s team out on the water. It soon becomes clear that Vaha has a different plan entirely, and the monster of Caw’s childhood is more powerful than he could have ever imagined. It’s up to him to defeat the terrifying creature and get back to dry land alive.

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