Man-eating crocodiles have invaded the Everglades. A generation of dangerous hybrids has grown to maturity, and people are being killed. In a desperate effort to save lives, Ranger Daniel Reid has partnered with Gator Glades reptile park to trap and remove the invasive hybrids. But crocs breed in high numbers, and park director, Jen Summers, predicts an ecological disaster. But there are more sinister creatures out on the swamp than crocodiles. Abigail O’Neil has returned home, just ahead of a past come back to haunt her. A man named Colin Mason is coming to settle a score, and he is privy to the darkest secrets of Abigail’s life – her crocodile-infested home has now been invaded by a monster more cold-blooded than any reptile. And after a lifetime on the swamp, Abigail has finally found something deadlier than her.

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