It’s been three weeks since the incident at the farmhouse, and our survivors are struggling to come to terms with the tragic event that had taken place. Simon Washington is still mourning his loss and has been living like a recluse since the terrible tragedy, but finally comes out of his shell to face the real, yet brutal world that has been forced upon our group and other survivors. Tensions rise in the house, mainly because of the volatile Donald Brownstone. And with that, as well as getting supplies and being weary of the dead, the whole group are struggling to relax and gel, but there’s a danger that they’re all unaware of. The threat of human desperados. This volatile group of survivors only care about surviving and enjoying themselves along the way, and this group have left a trail of destruction wherever they have been, and now have their sights on the farmhouse. And the only thing that stands in their way are the residents inside.

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