Weeks have gone by without an incident and Dicko, Yoler, and the rest of the gang have been backed into a corner and finally have to admit that they need to leave the camp to get more supplies.

Dicko and Yoler decide to go on a run and are determined to get supplies that’ll benefit the rest of the camp, but they meet members of the meat wagons and an ugly fight takes place.

With Donald Brownstone’s feelings growing for Helen, he eventually cracks and tells her how he feels, but the discussion turns ugly and the pair of them fall out, forcing Donald to walk away and run into danger once he’s out on the open road.

Still with vengeance on his mind, Hando and his new companion spot Donald Brownstone walking back to the camp and follow him. Hando then devises a macabre plan to inflict revenge on the people who refused him refuge at the farmhouse and our group of survivors experience an attack by the dead that had been orchestrated by Hando. Some die but who survives?

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