It’s a simple rescue mission with one small wrinkle – the four scientists are trapped 100 million years in Earth’s past.

Four months after the events of “Objekt 221” an alarm sounds in the enormous Crimean research facility. Precision Robotics, now in control of the huge building and the time rift it protects, decides they need to send a rescue party back to the Cretaceous period to recover the scientists – abandoned in the time of dinosaurs.

Once again, they rely on their private army, The Wraiths, to gear up with the most advanced weaponry available to do battle with the vicious inhabitants of this ancient world. While performing a data dump at the research and observation station Facility Four – codenamed “Hell Island” – the rescue team begins to learn the horrifying truth about the four-armed super predator classified in many secret research documents simply as Project: Goliath.

Genetic modification, private military, abandoned facilities, dinosaurs, betrayal … welcome to Hell Island!

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