The entire mission objective is only one line long: Search and Destroy. A team of elite soldiers are sent back in time through a tech-enhanced rift to arrive 100 million years in Earth’s past – the Cretaceous. The time of dinosaurs. Their goal is to hunt down and eradicate a swarm of genetically modified super-predators codenamed Goliath. Unfortunately, they suffer numerous casualties due to an unexpected menace. Project: REAPER. Allied Genetics, a global corporate behemoth, had enjoyed several years of uninterrupted research and development in Ancient Crimea after discovering a time portal buried in the bowels of an abandoned Cold War military facility – Objekt 221. During that time, they performed experiments, surgical enhancements and genetic modification to create more lethal, controllable dinosaurs. After a violent corporate takeover by rival Precision Robotics, Allied had to abandon the facility, the rift and their genetic experiments in Earth’s past. Following the tale so far laid out in “Objekt 221” and “Hell Island,” “Project: REAPER” focuses on the Damon Butcher-led team of Wraith soldiers as they travel back in time to hunt down and slaughter the remaining Goliaths. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that the deadly Goliath wasn’t even the worst experiment Allied Genetics had released into the wild. Enter the bigger, meaner, smarter version of the T-Rex that the corrupt corporation created in a lab. The Reaper. Time travel. Corporate intrigue. Soldiers fighting dinosaurs. “Project: REAPER” is an action adventure you can’t miss!

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